Are these classes drop off only?

Yes, they are. Please make arrangements to drop your child off. It tends to be a little distracting for students when a loved one sticks around. We appreciate your understanding!


What will my child do during after school classes?

We enjoy using a variety of different materials. Some things we might use include paint (acrylic, watercolor), pastels (oil, chalk), paper, fabric, tiles, felt, yarn, canvas, boards, tempera, and more! The support of our artwork varies, sometimes we use stretched canvas, canvas panels, watercolor paper, sulphate paper and more. This depends on the medium used and what outcome we are trying to achieve.

Also, depending on the intricacy of what we are making out project might be completed in as little as one week or may require a few weeks of work.


What should my child bring?

We do have water at our studio. We do not have snacks during art classes. We use messy art materials please dress accordingly.


Can I be refunded for art classes?

We put a lot of work into creating the best experience for your child. We plan staff and purchase materials around you. Please be mindful when signing up that refunds cannot be given. If your child is sick we are happy to provide them with a makeup class. The class must be made up before the end of the month. A doctor's note must be provided. Thanks for you understanding!

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