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How does it work? Well, find your favorite person and paint a canvas with them! You paint one canvas, your partner paints the other. The completed canvases are then displayed side by side to create a painting that goes together! Looking for a fun at home activity? Get creative and we'll guide you through the process with our step by step instructional video, just add water :)

This kit has everything you need to create your masterpieces! Two people are needed to complete the painting. Perfect for all ages. Paint along with us while watching our tutorial video or do your own thing on your 6x12 inch canvas. This kit includes materials for two people to paint together and create a finished painting meant to be hung side by side.

Kits include:
 - tutorial video
 - two 6x12 canvas
 - paint
 - two mixing plates
 - paint sticks

*brushes sold separately

LOVE Double Canvas Partner Painting


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